Monday, June 29, 2009

Inspiration on Display at 18 Karat's Dallas Showroom 2009.

We just returned from Dallas market and as always our favorite accessory line 18Karat didn’t disappoint! We are so excited to be bringing you a sneak peak at the beautiful new product you will find in our showroom at the end of the summer. We also thought we would share a little bit about why 18Karat continues to inspire us. Not only do they create daring displays, but they also engage us with thoughts on current times.

Artist and designer Maureen Welton, owner/co-founder of Eighteen Karat, wrote the below quote which we found poignantly stated on the wall of the showroom. As she always does, Maureen described her inspiration for the design of the current collection but this time also spoke eloquently towards the current shifting tides of this business we so love.

"If you look deep into a tree, you see random branches and vines tumbling over each other without a beginning or end, chaotic and unstructured. When you stand back, the branches become visible as an entire plant, perfectly formed and shaped. This is the dichotomy of chaos and order. It is a basic principle of our earth and the biology of life. Where ever there is chaos, there is order; underlying confusion is equanimity. Perhaps more than any other time in our modern lives, we are looking at the chaos in our world in a different way. The changes that we are facing in our working lives and personal lives are so close and personal that all we can see is the chaos of the branches. Even if our circumstances haven't changed, we all feel a shift in our thinking and are trying to make sense of this new reality - in other words, we're trying to see the entire tree."

Our partnership with 18Karat keeps us thinking about how we can bring a fresh new approach to what we are doing in the shop every day. They encourage us to push the boundaries and always look ahead, to see the tree through the branches. We hope when you next come to visit us that we too can inspire you.

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